This is the first time I have ventured into the Alma for about ten years- ( I previously had a bit of fisty cuffs with a regular I think, Limbs.JPGhaha!)… but have since been tempted back by their recent branching out from just hard rock to some different styles.

Talking of different styles… up step Limbs with a theatrical performance worthy of the Royal Albert Halls, but performed to me and the contents of this shady pub.  Their quick quips and witty lines coupled with expert musical talent, both tickle yet satisfy this highly entertained crowd.

They fly though a variety of styles and genres, “I blame my parents” a song from their musical; a spoken word piece about a wrestler; some dinner jazz?; political statements about sandwiches and a hymn- all in a rock pub.

-At this point I wonder if someone just clonked me on the head as I walked in- like they’ve been waiting for ten years and then this Limbs performance is a musical version of my life flashing before my eyes… when suddenly someone interrupts me from my thoughts and says ,

…”This is the best lift music in Bolton!”Limbs 2.JPG

This band are truly remarkable, a journey of genres, a story-telling genius and most certainly on different ‘level’ (this is a joke referencing the lift music) than the other bands drifting through the Alma pub.  Watch them if you can, probably in theatre, pub or dream near you.

In stark contrast, the headliner for this evening is Seawhite.

This four-piece are back on the scene after some time away, under a new name and with new material recorded in tow. Seawhite

This may be their first gig for some time- but you cannot tell.  Their tight precision and beautiful vocals show the magnitude of this great band.  Their shoe-gazy style leaves you transfixed, but with a solid beat hit so hard by Mark on the drums your heart feels like it could explode.  I am in love with Kristen’s vocals- a definite Portishead influence, together with Mike and John’s Doves-style trippy guitars, I’m hooked.

Their new single soon to be released, ‘Autopoiesis’ is a banger to watch out for, and had the crowd here at this tiny pub moving like crazy people.  Looking forward to seeing this band on a bigger stage and undoubtedly with a bigger crowd.

Also I probably wont leave it ten years before I come back to this pub- maybe only five…Seawhite2


(Photos By Lucy Ashton)


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