Occasionally it’s nice to venture to the surrounding fringes of Manchester and see what the hell is going on elsewhere.  I found myself this weekend back in my home-town, Bolton at Blind Tiger.  Big up Bolton, woop woop!

photo 1

First on the bill is Bolton band, Attic Doctors.  We are greeted by lead singer Dean, in an anorak, with a Ian-Curtis hair-cut and holding the mic like an ice-cream (he looks like me in 1995 in ont pier in Blackpool!).  Take note, this is not a bad thing- he has a confident swagger that shows his skills as front man- which will take this band far.

Musically they have some Arctic-Monkeys-AM influenced guitars, as many of the bands round here seem to have- with a distinct 90’s sound that seems to be creeping in these days.  Vocally he is good, I got a bit of a Shaun Ryder vibe-

I was hoping for some massive choruses but none came- nevertheless,  enjoyed the set and reckon these guys have the foundations of an excellent band.

I enjoyed their tune, Milkshake, which seems to be the crowd pleaser got everyone having a bit of a boogie- the woman next to me liked it too, thought she was their number one fan- but it turns out she’d had about ten pints and wasn’t sure what was going on.

Oh and the ice-cream microphone thing… I later realised was due to a faulty mic lead- which was disappointing- I quite liked that…haha!

photo 3

Next up, filling Blind Tiger’s hot spot is Stillia.  Blind Tiger has had some cracking headliners of late, including Cabbage, Jeramiah Ferrari and Our Fold- leaving some big shoes to fill- But Stillia pulls it off with ease.

From the second they’re on stage, you can see that this band have been places, are going places and are smashing it right now.  It’s a pity that there’s not more people here to watch- but selfishly I quite like it, as I can say I saw them here first, in Bolton.

They are definitely riding the coat tails of bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen- but still are good enough to stand out on their own.  Their catchy riffs on songs like ‘Let Me In’ show the absolute power of this band- it’s enough to rock the buttons of your new embroidered jacket. Go and see these guys asap, their next gig is at Soup Kitchen, Manchester on 17th March.  It’ll be a Paddy’s day to remember.  photo 4





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