wolf 1I walked into a hyped up, excited crowd.  It’s a mixed bag of young people and old party goers and it looks like it’s gonna be an amazing night.  I was too late for Made Violent but they have left a definate buzz in the air and it’s clear that it’s not just because Wolf Alice are playing. Dredge come on to massive cheers, its hard to know who is actually headlining here…

This Sheffield duo (with some additional bass) with their brand of post-indie, bluesy rock certainly pack a punch.  Their first song reminds me of early Interpol, and I find myself transfixed by the repetitive melodies.  Each song is driven hard by the drummer which compliments the great riffs thrown out by his older brother on guitar.

Drenge remind me of Temples in some ways, but much more straight forward and raw, which is part of their appeal.  Great band, good tunes and the first time I have seen a mosh pit in Albert Halls! Ha!


Wolf Alice blew the roof off from the second they got on stage.  Calm, confident and really well received. I found myself squashed in with about 100 sweating fans at the front, I felt like I was at an early libertines gig.  Everyone is going mental.wolf 2

I am a relatively new Wolf Alice fan, hearing about them last Glastonbury, although this is the first time I have seen them live. I can see what the fuss is about, they really have come into their own, with their electronic, folky grunge style.

I was looking forward to hearing some of their recent hits like “Bros”and “Giant Peach” and they did not disappoint. The latter being in the encore which nearly tore Manchester in two. They never lost the crowd once during the well balanced, exciting set.  I will know every song by the next time I see them- because there will be a next time.

If you get the opportunity to see Wolf Alice soon then do it! The best thing I’ve seen all year. Smashed it.




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