I can never turn down a free gig so I popped along to watch Ist Ist and Liines at Dive Bar in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.  After I got over the shock of paying the best part of £5 for a beer, I grabbed myself a spot and settled into watching Liines.

photo 11

This all-female, three piece band rattle on to stage with a bass riff so heavy, it knocks the drink right out of my shitty plastic glass.  They remind me a little of Pins- fellow Manchester female rockers, however Liines are far more raw and raucous, hiding in the nasty underbelly of Manchester’s rock scene, waiting to pounce.

Liines get an excellent reception, there are quite a few here to see them and I can see why.  Their sound is however, a little repetitive and I began to drift off into a dream-like trance (did someone put something in my drink…)– The last two songs dragged me back to life, as it sounded like they channelled a little Beth Ditto from the Gossip and I got my pop-rock on.

Not everyone’s cuppa tea, but if you like hearing a bass line that will tear a hole in the depths of your stomach and falling into a trance-like state, then you’ll love these.  Give ’em a go.


Next up Ist Ist.  I heard a rumour about Ist Ist- the latest band to roll out of Stockport, with that “Joy-Division-sound”.  ‘Fucking great’ I sarcastically thought.  Turns out they are fucking great…photo 3

Pulling influences from not only Joy Division but also elements of Interpol and some songs with the commercial appeal of Editors- you can see why people are talking about Ist Ist.  There is an obvious difference between this band and many of the others in surrounding areas, their deafening bass riffs and deep vocals echoing through the streets of Manchester as a warning to anyone who thinks they can take them on.

I enjoyed their set of face-melting, riff-heavy grungy raw tunes, taking particular notice of two tracks, (both released as singles) ‘White Swan’– which got the surprisingly older -mid -30’s- audience dancing their socks off (Myself included!) and ‘Silence’- which produced anything but silence from this appreciative crowd.

They finished in a complete epileptic, apocalyptic, crossword cryptic smasher of a song, screaming TAKE ME DOWN IN THE STREET/BECAUSE LIFE IN THIS CITY RARELY SLEEPS… with the ringing in my ears, I’m sure I wont sleep.

Absolute banger.



photo 1






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