My friend told me about this great new band, ‘their name is Jenga? or something like that’ he said-   After a little searching I managed to find Gengahr and was not disappointed, I bought tickets straight away.


In support of Gengahr was electronic pop outfit, Cash and David.  I don’t really consider myself a fan of much electronic stuff, this however was really good.  Liz Lawrence the focal point of this act, oozes with confidence as the music just seems to flow out of her.  She seems a little weird but it definitely works.  This band are a great watch and I will look forward to catching them on the festival scene next year.

The mood changes before Gengahr come on, the room fills up and I feel that ‘new emerging band’ buzz in the air.  Everyone is excited.  Gengahr came on to big cheers and smash it from the start. The guitarist looks like he had a bit of guitar trouble, but is easily saved and carried on flawlessly.  This bands gentle, psychedelic rock style really works well and I cannot wait to see them progress further.  PLEASE GO AND WATCH GENGAHR.  These guys are the biggest tip of the year.geng

Here is a video of the title track from their EP, ‘Tired Eyes’. Enjoy.

I don’t like Arsene Wenger

I don’t like losing at Jenga

But I bloody love Gengahr.

Belting gig.


(Photos and Video by Lucy Ashton)

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