I walked into the gig a little confused.  Someone had replaced the sweaty mess of long haired, weed smoking, drunken gig followers I was used to- with a mass of well dressed young girls, screaming at… well anything/everything!  It’s like a teenage horror film! Ha! …  But this is only the start – Maybe Halloween has come a week early…

coas 1

The first band had just walked on stage… Dive In. Keeping with the Halloween/fancy dress theme, one of the guys is dressed as James Bay, one is from the Kooks and I think Zane Lowe is on keys.  If its not fancy dress, then this band are having a crisis.  ‘Hello Manchester!’ says the main man (about ten times).  I feel like I have slipped into another dimension, one with terrible music, repetitiveness and shit look-a-likes. He continues, “Lets go fucking mental!” – I think I am mate!… Seriously.  At one point I saw him reach down into the crowd of young screaming girls… I think he must have come as Mick Jagger – but he came across more like Gary Glitter.  I cannot comment on the ‘music’ as I was finding it so hard to find my grip on reality, so my apologies.  Dive In (…to a hole and never come back out) -sorry couldn’t help myself.

As my night from hell continues, enter stage right – The Hunna.  The lead singer is dressed as Chesney Hawkes.  I think I must be on a terrible, terrible acid trip.  He goes on to inform the crowd of how rock and roll his band is, as they trashed their hotel room last night – I doubt they even stole the shampoo. They play a variety of songs, some about record labels that (quite rightly in my opinion), said they would amount to nothing, some about girls that had left him etc. etc. blah blah blah…zzz …zzz…  I have never wished more that this was the real Chesney Hawkes.  Just awful.coas 3

Next up, Coasts.  Now, to be fair, I am not in the best mood as I am concerned that either I have come to the wrong gig, or gone completely insane…

The lead singer leaps on stage in a long black cloak.  (Professor Snape, its gotta be!).  I think I am going to go home…

coas 2

Defo from Harry Potter…

I decide that one (ten) more beer(s) is probably necessary and decide to stick it out.  To my surprise, Coasts are actually excellent.  The band are really tight, the music is brilliant and the crowd seem to cheer/scream in the right places.  They play some new songs, (two, back to back actually), which show a good direction they are heading in – a level of maturity I was not expecting from this evening.  Their pop/rock/electro sound is really well rounded and I find myself getting into it, as the horrors of this pre-Halloween evening start to slip away like the ‘echoes of a distant sound’. I am massively confused (again) to why their management/label would put this band with the shower of shite that was on before them, as it completely undersells what a good band these guys are.  I enjoyed them so much I made a video, although I felt a bit like someone’s dad making it.  Hopefully I will see these guys again, but at a grown-up gig, preferably on this planet.  Enjoy the video.


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