This review starts at home as we are getting ready to head down to the Ritz.  My girlfriend, (Chelsea), completely unaware, is humming the tune to “Elysium”, Bear’s Den’s recent release.  “I don’t know any Bear’s Den tunes”, she tells me, “do you think I will be ok?”



bear 1

First up Lisa Mitchell, armed only with her guitar plays to slowly filling venue.  She seems a bit odd and is a little shy, but what a voice! She entertains an appreciative crowd with her folky, Neil-Young-style tunes.  She even impressed when she had a guitar malfunction and sang a completely unplugged version of her new single, “Wa, Ha”.  Although I am sure this caused some confusion to the late comers walking into the room!

All in all, a good set and a great voice.

I have done a few reviews now for and I have been very positive about all that I have seen.  I am worried that a gig will come up soon that doesn’t impress, and I do not have a good word to say.  This is not the case for Bear’s Den. 

From the moment they grace the stage, there is a massive buzz in the air.  You can tell by the smiles worn on the faces of these guys that they are loving every minute.  They open with “Elysium”, (I look over at Chelsea and she goes “Oh, I know this one…” haha) and the whole place erupts.

Bear’s Den play a great set, showing off their musicianship and great vocals, (I think I saw one of the guys drumming, playing bass guitar and singing at the same time at one point!).  They split up the set with a completely acoustic version of “Sophie” (This was planned rather than a guitar malfunction!) which was magic, you could have heard a pin drop the room was so silent.bear 2

I enjoyed a few of their new tracks, which were upbeat and reminded me of Counting Crows, from long ago!  I thought that the music industry had exhausted it’s pop-folk-rock genre, with Mumford, Laura Marling and Passenger etc, but these guys definitely have a few aces up their sleeves.  I will be looking out for Bear’s Den in the future as they are heading for big, big things.

Oh yea, just when I thought it was all over they did this…

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